Resonating with a more hopeful, regenerative future

Cultivating presence to what’s alive inside of me

  • Cold-water swimming
  • Mindfulness meditation
  • Body-scanning meditation
  • Journaling (and body journaling)
  • Coaching
  • Internal Family Systems therapy (an interesting therapeutic modality that views the mind as being made of relative discrete subpersonalities)

Learning to connect to people, place and planet more deeply

Microsolidarity’s ‘A Fractal View of Belonging’
My River Dart sit spot

Coming together with others to weave healing harmonies

  • Metamodernism — The most impactful book I have read in the last year has been Hanzi Freinacht’s The Listening Society. In it he explores what might be emerging to follow pre-modern, modern and post-modern worldviews and suggests a role for the metamodernist as a peace-maker helping these different worlviews co-exist by appreciating the values, drives and blind spots at the heart of each. For me Hanzi Freinacht’s most intriguing contribution so far has involved the mapping of a range of felt states that humans tend to experience and proposed that a metamodernist value is that we should look to maximise people’s time experiencing the higher felt states (feeling good, lively, joyous, vast, grand, blissful), and minimise people’s time experiencing lower felt states (feeling very uneasy, tormented, terrified, horrific). It’s sounds simple but for me there’s something undogmatic, non-judgmental, yet deeply moral about this proposition.
  • Psychedelic-assisted therapy — In my time working in mental health I have been struck by how often stuckness comes up as a feature of people with poor mental health’s experience. Especially in my work with people experiencing anorexia I have met lots of people desperate to change but both scared and unable to do so. My reading and experience of psychedelic-assisted therapy so far has convinced me it can be a profound catalyst for change. It can help people approach their wounds more objectively and it can help them synthesise meaning from previously disparate, confusing experiences. Through this it can help them become unstuck: an opportunity to walk a different path often presents itself. I feel like the psychedelic-assisted therapy movement could be a profoundly healing movement but it is not and will not be without it’s share of controversy and concerns.
  • Communing with nature — I believe our disconnection from nature both physically and psychologically has a hugely negative impact on our individual and collective mental health. It is no coincidence that the increasingly industrial, concrete backdrops to our lives have coincided with the proliferation of a mechanistic view of the universe as well as of the human mind and body. With this mechanistic view of the world it is easy for life to feel inert and meaningless. Rewilding the land and rewilding our hearts brings back meaning into our lives as we once again resonate with nature — the rich context from which we have arisen and depart.
  • The Regenerative Renaissance — The last renaissance ushered in an age of individualism that has helped us explore the universe in innumerable ways. As we reach real boundaries and thresholds of the systems that maintain the conditions for human life on this planet it is time for a renaissance that combines what the age of individualism has taught us with the acknowledgement that we live in a world where everything is fundamentally interconnected. Our actions have consequences so we must live like that is the case.
My spaghetti junction of a mind map exploring the connections between these ideas
Quote from Frozen II’s Pabbie — inspiration for The Next Right Thing project




Mental health nurse / Meditator / Zinc Academy Pioneer / Participant in the Regenerative Renaissance

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Willy Thomas

Willy Thomas

Mental health nurse / Meditator / Zinc Academy Pioneer / Participant in the Regenerative Renaissance

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